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Sizzle, bubble, “ahh”. Hot tubs are beneficial for countless reasons, including therapeutics and relaxation. These spas can be used throughout the year, regardless of the temperature or season. Hot tubs are incredible to relax in at the end of a long, hard work day, and have been known to relieve emotional stress. There are many therapeutic benefits to hot tubs and spas, and are commonly used to decrease arthritis pain, ease muscle pain, and improve your blood circulation. Hot tubs are perfect for the whole family or a fun evening with friends! There are different sizes and designs to suit your preferences and fit your whole family, no matter how big! lists only the best hot tub and spas manufacturers, ensuring that your spa experience will always exceed your expectations. If you don’t believe us, we’ve listed real reviews written by previous clients of these hot tub manufacturers. You can also receive a quote from any hot tub and spa manufacturer directly on our website by clicking the “Get a Quote” button. Did we mention it’s free? So what’s the wait? Let’s get relaxing!

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Coast Spas is the leader in hot tub innovations and strives to continue creating new features to enhance your spa experience. Their hot tubs take qual... Read More >
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Dynasty Spas is one of the largest hot tub manufacturers, with a network of 500 spa retailers. They offer a variety of hot tubs and spas with diverse ... Read More >
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My partner and I did quite a bit of shopping around Ottawa and we are very happy with our choice of a Beachcomber 570 model. The staff at Beachcomber Orleans made it very easy to understand how Beachcomber's are kept simple to endure the test of time. and how they are one of the best in energy effic... Read More >
Beachcomber Hot Tubs creates artistic hot tubs that are sensitive to your budget. They provide 20 different models of hot tubs that cover every price ... Read More >
Jacuzzi is one of the leading manufacturers of hot tubs and spas, and has generations of experience in the industry. They drive hot tub technology for... Read More >
South Seas Spas only offers quality products that provide you with mental and physical relaxation through hydrotherapy. With a variety of features to ... Read More >
Artesian Spas is one of the nation's leading hot tub manufacturers, providing only quality and innovative products. They use a variety of green techno... Read More >
Hydropool Hot Tubs is an mulit-award winning spa manufacturer. They continuously educate their staff on new safety practices and maintenance technique... Read More >
Tubco offers hot tubs, whirlpools, and bathtubs in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes to suit your preference and needs. Their products combine e... Read More >
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We have had a master spa for almost 8 years. While I love our hot tub our Master Spa has been nothing but a money pit. 3 years into our brand new tub our pump failed. We paided the master spa dealer to replace. Only he didn't do it properly and caused the tub to leak and fry the mother board. Which ... Read More >
Master Spas stands out from its competitors through its impeccable customer service. They don't only provide good service; rather, they treat their cl... Read More >
The Canadian Spa Company expands beyond the Canadian border, and is an international brand. They manufacture their high quality products in North Amer... Read More >
Hot Spring Spas combines affordability with efficiency and quality. They provide excellent customer service, and have revolutionized hydrotherapy with... Read More >
Caldera Spas focuses on your relaxation through hot tub design and performance. The ergonomic seating in the hot tubs is designed for ultimate comfort... Read More >