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16 Oct 2015

First timer

Mermaid Pools is awesome!!!

I Purchased my pool from Ogilvie and did all my water tests and chemical purchases from Merivale!!!

So I just have to say, I am a new pool owner(this summer) I purchased from Mermaid and had an amazing experience doing it! They helped me through every step! Being a first timer, I went in almost every week to do a water test(free service) and absolutely every time I went in they told me I didn't need anything and that my water was perfect! I honestly expected to get the old, you need (this) (that) and the (other thing)! Not once did I get forced in to buying anything (accept the one time I brought my son with me)!

The staff remembered my name most of the time when I went in! I even had a couple younger (part time students I assume) employees and they helped a lot!!

Thank you all very much! My pool is closed for this year but will open and I will be back again next summer!!!

P.S I live in Kanata and drive past a few other pool places to go to Mermaid on Merivale Rd!!
18 Jul 2015

Outstanding workmanship and customer service

I can't express enough how grateful we are for the outstanding service and professionalism we've experienced from Dave McNaughton and Mermaid Pools Ottawa.

The decision process for our dream: to install an inground salt water pool, took over a year. Dave was with us every step of the way. From our first conversation, he didn't "sell." Instead, he made us aware of not only options, but potential challenges. He kept reinforcing that this is a major decision and that shouldn't be taken likely. He pointed out that we should consider things like rocky soil and costs around rock removal if necessary. Landscaping, as excavation can take it's toll on a lawn etc.

In short, there were no surprises because he made us aware of absolutely everything!

When construction started the team kept us informed and gave us updates on next steps. They were extremely courteous and professional.

After the pool was installed, we had a minor glitch with the pump and it was dealt with within 24 hours without interruption in my family's swimming schedule!

At a time when customer service is often mediocre at best, Dave and his team at Mermaid Pools Ottawa go above and beyond to provide the best service before, during and after the sale.
17 Jun 2014

Customer Review - Excellent service from some of your staff

Monsieur Methot,
Au début de mai, nous avons eu des problèmes avec le système Zodiac que nous avions acheté chez vous l'an dernier. On m'a référé à votre bureau de service sur la rue Liverpool. Vos employés, don't Brian Babb, ont tout fait pour régler le problème mais la compagnie Zodia prenant trop de temps, ils ont décidé avec messieurs Clark et Côté de nous donner un nouveau robot que Zodiac remplacera plus tard.
Ceci fait, nous avons remarqué que nous avions laissé un morceau du tuyau du Zodiac sur le robot et aujourd'hui je suis allé le chercher au bureau de service. Immédiatement on a trouvé la pièce et me l'a remise.... me souhaitant un bon été.
Juste pour vous dire combine nous sommes satisfaits des services que nous recevons de Mermaid Pool.

Jean Gauthier
11 May 2014

Great experience!

Just a quick note to let you know about the excellent service I received today from Andrea. Unlike Campbell Pools, she was attentive to my situation which involved going the extra mile to see if she could match a competitors price. And because she took the time to help me, I'm writing to tell you about the experience because it is this type of service that sets apart companies. It is also the reason why I made several additional purchases while in your store and is the reason why I will return in the near future.

Orleans ON
29 Apr 2014

Just Wonderful!!

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how wonderful Chris was to me and my family. Having a pool has always been one of my dreams and Chris made it come true. He was very attentive to our needs and requests and patient as well. One thing that really struck me is that he remembered me from last year when I requested my first quote! We shopped around for our pool and the prices were pretty well all the same, so we had to decide where we wanted to take our business. Both my husband and I agreed that Chris at Mermaid at been the most helpful and knowledgeable. My pool is getting installed in a week! Chris was prompt in answering my query and your delivery/installation department was amazing! All in all, my experience at Mermaid was fantastic! Thank you again! Myriam Casselman.
6 Apr 2014

Just Wonderful!


It's such a Monday. The staff and service I get from your office and the store on Merivale is always wonderful. I'm always surprised and thankful for your help with my pool.

Nicole, Ottawa
23 Mar 2014

My husband and I met you at the Ottawa Home and Garden Show yesterday evening.

Good afternoon, Mr. McNaughton,

We purchased a home last October that had an above ground pool and a hot tub. We have never owned either one before, so we went to your Merivale store and met Erica. We have visited Erica every week since last October and she has taught us how to maintain our hot tub. She has tested our water and sold us the appropriate chemicals, when required. We appreciate her patience in teaching us the maintenance of the tub. We also have appreciated her gentle spirit knowledge and professionalism. The pool season right around the corner, we are looking forward to working with her to get our pool going for the season.

Thank you.