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23 Aug 2017

Bullfrog spa

Roxanne's knowledge, promptness to returning emails, enthusiasm, passion and dedication made this experience very pleasant. We were truly impressed . We will definitely send our friends to Mermaid Pools and Hot Tubs!
20 May 2017

Horrible after sales service

We purchased our above ground pool in August 2016. Literally since the day it was installed we were complaining of a leak. We kept getting told it was evaporation. But adding 3-5 inches of water every couple of days is a but excessive. We paid mermaid $400 to close our pool in the event there was no water left in our pool come spring. Sure enough come April there is about 4 inches of water left in the pool. It's been a horrific ordeal dealing with the installation dept. Then they tell us that if there is a hole patch it they don't cover liners. But when we purchased the pool we were told there is 5yr warranty on installation and 15yr warranty on the liner. I wouldn't recommend your company to anyone
10 May 2017

Great experience!

We had a great experience and excellence service with Roxanne Pilon at Mermaid Pools at both location Ogilvie and new location in Avalon. As a first buyer, I didn't know much about the process and products, Roxanne took her time explaining. Even now after my purchase I feel comfortable contacting her if i have any additional question or even repeated question. Roxanne has been very professional and is always there for us.
14 Aug 2016

Terrible Service Department

We had a brand new in-ground pool installed last Fall. The fiberglass step they installed has a one inch crack above water line. We have been waiting for three moths for them to get back to us. They didn't show up to booked appointments and are apparently too busy to return our phone calls. We are done with them and will have all of our future service needs completed by a RELIABLE pool company!!
12 Aug 2016

Excellent Customer Service

We bought a pool from Mermaid last year - since then we have had a lot of problems with the now discontinued Salt and Swim Chlorinator. My husband is extremely handy and was able to fix the issues - until tonight ! We came home from work and the compression fittings had once again blown off and couldn't be fixed. We were panicking as we are to leave on vacation in the morning! We went into the Ogilvie location - the service we received from Scott (salesman) was excellent. We called Phil Morneau who sold us the pool last year and he not only remembered us but he called us back within a few minutes. Between Scott, Phil and Peter (the Hayward rep) they figured out how to adapt a fitting from a different system to finally resolve our issues! We couldn't be happier and the best part is that it saved us well over $1700! We can leave on vacation in the morning without worry! Thank you so much to Scott and Phil, your service was truly excellent! - Josee and Patrick
26 Jul 2016


No stars from me either.
We had an inground pool installed in 2015. The whole installation process was a nightmare. Started at the beginning of June, ended at the end of July. It was one issue after another. The main thing was really a lack of communication between the "project manager" ( I really don't know what that means because I saw him the night before installation began then never saw him again and he did not manage anything. I ended up firing him after 1.5 weeks but the person who took over was no better), us and the workers. Many times I asked to be kept informed of progress and when additional trades were needed such as electrician and gas installation. I would then be told that the electrician is needed now to ground the pool, the gas installer needs to come now to put in the line otherwise the work can't proceed. Mermaid had not given me any info on subcontractors (as promised) or when they would be needed.
Finally, most of the issues were resolved at the end of July.
This spring, it started again. We had the pool closed in the fall and reopened this spring by Mermaid as it is under warranty. There was a big leak identified by the technician. We waited for repair but nobody came. Started calling after 1 week, asking for a date of repair. Left 3 messages before someone called back. As per Mermaid, they were not aware that there was a problem that needed fixing. A date was set-up for repair but nobody came. When someone did come, they fixed part of the issue but another leak developed. Emails, phone calls, visits to fix and it was finally done.
Now, 1 month later, it restarted to leak. They fixed the original problem by putting silicone around it. A temperature probe in a flexible tubing, held in place with a clamp and silicone is not a permanent fix.
I'm just fed up with Mermaid. Every time someone asks about my pool, I tell them the whole story.
My advice: Don't go with Mermaid. They may have been around for a long time but it doesn't mean that their products or service are better. STAY AWAY FROM MERMAID.
8 Jun 2016

Fast and excellent

Pool put in the summer of 2002. Great service then. Last week needed a new liner. Fantastic assistance from Myrtle in sales in choosing the liner to order and great installation by Denis and his team. I had a tight timeline and they came in four days early. Fast, quality, friendly service. We are very happy customers.
31 May 2016

Horrible Service

This is by far one of the worst experiences I have had with customer service.

An employee was scheduled to come open our in-ground salt water pool on Friday May 20th, 2016. The employee came and left without telling us anything of what he had done or what were the next steps for our pool. Nothing seemed to be done, the ladder was installed but the pump wasn't running so we called back to the store. After inquiring, we learned that the employee had hurt his back so he had to leave. Nobody felt the need to communicate this to us but an invoice for 240$ was left in the mailbox.

We tried calling multiple times to get information on whether someone else was gonna come to finish the job but it was impossible to get an answer until the following Tuesday, since it was the long weekend. On Tuesday, we had to physically go into the store to purchase the supplies (chemicals and such) and got the instructions to do the job ourselves since we still had no answer on whether an employee was going to come back to service our pool. At this point, having all information about our filter system on file, they sold us product for the wrong type of filter. We only noticed once we were home and had to drive all the way back to the store.

Next, we followed the steps as they had suggested when we went to the store but the pump was constantly losing pressure. We called back multiple times to ask if someone could once and for all come service the pool, they said an employee would call back on Friday the 27th to schedule an appointment.

It is now 11 days since we our pool was scheduled for service and we still cannot get an answer or an appointment from anyone. We complained in store but the employee wasn't bothered by the situation. So frustrating to see a major company care so little about their customers.
25 Dec 2015

Exceptional Service

I would like to thank Dominique from Mermaid Pools Ottawa for assisting me with our In-Ground pool issue that wasn’t resolved for over 2 years with multiple representatives. Within a month on taking over my case, Dominque was able to schedule everything and resolve the issue in a timely manner and understanding. I’m satisfied with the excellent service we received from Dominique. I would also like to thank Denis, the technician, for being so knowledgeable on the situation at task and very professional. I’m really satisfied on the outcome and results. Thank you so much Dominique and great job Denis!
22 Oct 2015

Above Ground Pool

We are very pleased to have Roxanne Pilon’s for the first purchase of our 18’ above ground pool at the Mermaid pool. We got a very good service and advise from her. What we find great from her is that she does not use pressure to make us buying the products. She takes her time explaining everything not worrying about customer waiting to be served by her. She is very professional and very knowledgeable of her products. She also helps her in choosing the pool colour and fabric design.

Good job Roxanne....Thank you so much for your great professionalism, help and Chapeau for your French.

Shirley Bijou & Roger Dorion