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Great hot tub service at Mermaid

By: non-member | September 7, 2014

I had purchased a used hot tub from a friend of mine but all I had was problems with the electronics and pumps from the minute I installed it. After dropping over a $1,000 in repairs, and after speaking with Phil and Roxanne at Mermaid Pools and Hot Tubs, it was clear that the price and service from Mermaid, plus the warranty peace-of-mind, made the decision to buy a new hot tub a no-brainer. Phil and Roxanne both came out on-site to give me a demo of the product and their attention to making my customer experience a pleasant one was outstanding. I would recommend Mermaid to anyone interested in buying a hot tub, and to look at any one of their IPG models, which by my research and experience are the most reliable and well-designed tubs on the market.

Outstanding Servive from Peter Clark

By: non-member | August 8, 2014

I wanted to take a minute to let you know about the outstanding and exceptional customer service I have received from Peter Clark since purchasing an in-ground pool from Mermaid in 2012. Anytime I've had a question about my pool equipment, chemical levels, replacement parts, warranty etc., Peter has always come through for me (even when I would start by speaking with someone else at Mermaid). Peter always makes himself available (received a follow-up e-mail on a heater part from Peter before store hours), he never rushes you, he is very knowledgeable and always has a positive attitude with a smile on his face. You always seem to feel better after speaking with Peter. I can't say enough about him and to the fact that he has eliminated any concerns I once had about after sales support/service with Mermaid.

Peter is a great source of information on all aspects of pool service, maintenance and parts, and Mermaid should be proud to have him on staff.

Thanks and Regards,
Tony Khoury.

Inground Pool

By: non-member | June 11, 2014

This company will screw you over. The salesman Gord will be nice until he gets your deposit...and forgets you and unavailable to take your calls when you call...Then you meet the owner who is very rude who is the guy in the dug hole wearing rubber boots in your backyard with his mickey mouse excavating team after u gave them a lot of money and you want to cry...and they destroyed your property and u have to stick with them cause you already overpaid them for doing nothing...

Buds Spas & Pools

597 Garner Rd. Ancaster, ON

category: Hot Tubs - Retailers Pools - Retailers

Extremely disappointing

By: non-member | May 30, 2014

Our experience with AQUA Tech pools was extremely disappointing. Our pool liner was replaced by AQUA Tech pools only to have to be redone less than 5 years later. Soon after we had the work done, there were rocks coming up from the bottom of the pool floor causing ridges in the liner. A diver was out to the house several times in an attempt to fix the issue, which meant pulling the liner back from the walls. This in turn caused the liner to be compromised and weak. Last spring we opened the pool and there was no water in it and the liner was buckled along the walls and the floor. AQUA Tech's reasoning was that it was due to ground water. Clearly the water that had escaped was due to a hole it the liner as that amount of water just doesn't evaporate, especially during the winter months. They would not admit there was a hole nor take accountability for the poor workmanship that their crew had performed.

This year we have had to hire a different company to...


A Fantastic Website and Great Service!!!

By: Shadowgurl | February 13, 2014

Let's face it, there are a ton of online companies that sell hot tub parts. I had been looking for a specific part for my spa but couldn't get it from any other site.

A friend of mine suggested Canada Hot Tub Parts so I checked it out. I couldn't believe how easy it was to find the part I needed. Within 10 minutes I had found the part I so desperately needed and added a few other items too.

Placing the order and making the payment was seamless and I had my part within a few days!

If you're ever looking for something for your hot tub, check out this site and if it's not there, give them a call....I know they will do everything they can to get it for you at a great price!!!

Canada Hot Tub Parts

1169 Dollard Ave Unit 3 Sudbury, ON

category: Hot Tubs - Equipment and Supplies

The Real Goods

By: non-member | February 11, 2014

Ok, here's the deal. I've wanted a tub for a long time, and life finally presented an opportunity for me to buy one. Respecting the amount of money that this was going to cost me, I swore that I'd educate the hell out of myself and weed my way thru the consumer nonsense. I had a plan and I was certain I was going to be an exceptional shopper.

Then I started reading reports on the internet. The further that I tried to educate myself, the further frustrated I got. The hot tub market is largely unregulated and severely cut throat. Dealerships troll forums and by the time I got to the end of a thread, it was plastered with bias salesmen arguing over whose tub is better and blah blah blah. Granted I learned some things about pumps, horse power, and accessories, but I didn't feel that I was any further ahead.

So then I started walking into stores. I picked my top 4 brands and went to talk to the sellers. It didn't take me long to realize that I...


Fantastic Service and Great Product

By: non-member | January 31, 2014

I wanted to share what a fantastic experience I had with The Cover Guy. I ordered from their website I went with The Cover Guy after shopping around online, it seemed like the best deal. Right after I ordered I received an email to let me know they received my order, that was quick. Then they told me when it was being made and when it was being delivered each time through and email. They sent me tracking information and we received our new Hot Tub Cover just when they said we would.

What a great looking hot tub cover and immediately made our backyard look ten times better. I tell everyone who has a Hot Tub to go to The Cover Guy, I even buy my hot tub filters there now.

The Cover Guy

5054 Fairview Street Burlington, ON

category: Hot Tubs - Manufacturers

One year and Still Loving our Jacuzzi

By: non-member | December 24, 2013

We purchased a J365 from Darren and the gang. Best decision of our lives. We love our hottub!!!! Darren and the rest of his crew (Sorry guys, my memory for names fails me)have been exceptional from day one. From the free water analysis (as often as you like) to a one hour seminar on keeping your water the best the people at Jacuzzi have been amazing. Have visted both locations and the staff are knowledgible wonderful people that go the extra mile to help. We love the exceptional quality of our hottub and are only regret is we did not buy a Jacuzzi sooner. Got to go, more hottub time. Keep up the great service.

Bruce & Karen

The best service I have every had

By: neilpdavis | November 15, 2013

I bought a kit over a year ago and we are still SOOOOOO happy with our purchase.
We had some initial issues when we initially set everything up, but Bryan and his team were there for every step and helped us fine the issue and resolve it.
Even to this date if I have any questions or issues they are always there.
This is the best customer service I have ever received from any company! Also the product is just awesome!

Canadian Hot Tubs

330 Gage Ave, Unit 15 Kitchener, ON

category: Hot Tubs - Retailers Hot Tubs - Manufacturers

Long wait....

By: angelrichard | November 14, 2013

I really liked the layout and insulation of the tub-- so I placed my order (paid in full) in July. I was told the tub would be delivered in the beginning of September. It was finally delivered at the end of November.

The excuses throughout the process were that they are waiting for parts to finish the hot tub. Would you not arrange for all of the parts to be on hand well before the expected delivery date? Since September, I'd been told 2-3 more weeks; 2-3 more weeks.

I feel I must share the response I received from the salesman I dealt with when I called to check on the status of my tub back in October. I reminded him that the company has had my money since July. His response: Well, you've gotten to enjoy your credit card points since July. WOW! I didn't realize people typically spent $8000 just to redeem their points to enjoy a $30 gift certificate. I shared this story with a friend-- who had another friend who was told the EXACT SAME THING....


Sun Ray Spas

5650 99 Street Edmonton, AB

category: Hot Tubs - Manufacturers

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