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New Hot Tub

By: stevepelley | May 18, 2015

The install and "show of ops" service was included with the purchase of my spa from Mermaid. Dealing with Mermaid was very pleasant, and I have to say the staff in the warehouse especially went the extra mile. There was a little bit of a disconnect with arranging appointments, but I chalk that up to it being peak season for pool setups and the like. Sales staff, warehouse and "Hot Tub Paul" (does the delivery) were fabulous. Having someone come to your house after you have everything setup to go through all the controls, chemical instructions, etc. is a HUGE bonus. Again, was part of the purchase and not an extra cost. Thanks, again to Phil Gregory (show of Ops), Brian Graham (Sales) and Sandy who works in the warehouse.


Awful Experience!

By: non-member | April 15, 2015

Although on the surface the prices seem great, buyer beware!

You need to be sure the parts you are buying from this site are absolutely the right ones and also absolutely needed. Their return policy is awful as they charge you shipping back + a 15% restocking fee for all parts (even if they are brand new and still in the box!). I had a horrible experience with them and will never be buying from them again. Also if you install any parts but don't need them and try to send back they will refuse any credit. Even if they are in brand new condition and original packaging.

Next time I will definitely avoid this site and go to my local store. Way better customer service there!

Excellent service and product!

By: Robert Lloyd | November 16, 2014

We had originally come into the store to pick up supplies for a hot tub we were buying elsewhere, got to talking with Graham about used tubs, and looked at the selection. His help and expertise found us a better one for a better price with everything we needed and more from the store. Great work!

Sun Ray Spas

5650 99 Street Edmonton, AB

category: Hot Tubs - Manufacturers

Poor Customer Service

By: ToughD56 | October 22, 2014

Ordered a hot tub cover, they had our original order on file, couldn't bother to check the P.O. number on the hot tub and cover we purchased from them. They gave us the wrong size cover and wouldn't refund our money. They told us that if they had to come out and measure the tub, they would have to charge us $50.00!!! WE are only one half hour of highway driving from Winnipeg!! You would think that the Manager (Paulo) who should know hot tubs, would have told us that the measurements for radius corners should be on the tag of the old cover!! Very bad attitude, like they didn't really care about us. ALL THEY WANTED WAS OUR MONEY!!!


Beachcomber 580 Hot Tub

By: non-member | October 4, 2014

Very pleased with our Beachcomber 580 installed by Beachcomber Hot Tubs in Kingston Ontario. The store reps and installers were very helpful in helping us select the appropriate model for our needs. After sales service is fantastic including speedy analysis of tub water samples without charge. I called the 800 number to discuss mounting base options and they were most helpful. I look forward to dealing with this company for the life of the product.

Outstanding Servive from Peter Clark

By: non-member | August 8, 2014

I wanted to take a minute to let you know about the outstanding and exceptional customer service I have received from Peter Clark since purchasing an in-ground pool from Mermaid in 2012. Anytime I've had a question about my pool equipment, chemical levels, replacement parts, warranty etc., Peter has always come through for me (even when I would start by speaking with someone else at Mermaid). Peter always makes himself available (received a follow-up e-mail on a heater part from Peter before store hours), he never rushes you, he is very knowledgeable and always has a positive attitude with a smile on his face. You always seem to feel better after speaking with Peter. I can't say enough about him and to the fact that he has eliminated any concerns I once had about after sales support/service with Mermaid.

Peter is a great source of information on all aspects of pool service, maintenance and parts, and Mermaid should be proud to have him on staff.

Thanks and Regards,
Tony Khoury.

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